Baby at One Year

BABY AT ONE YEAR  –  What most babies do at this age. 

⇒Is shy or nervous with strangers
⇒Cried when mom or dad leaves
⇒Has favorite things and people

⇒Shows fear in some situations
⇒Hands you a book when he wants to hear a story
⇒Repeats sounds or actions to get attention
⇒Puts out arm or leg to help with dressing
⇒Plays games such as “peek-a-boo” and “pat-c-cake”

⇒Responds to simple spoken requests
⇒Uses simple gestures, like shaking head “no” or waving “bye-bye”
⇒Makes sounds with changes in tone (sounds more like speech)
⇒Tries to say words you say

Cognitive (learning, thinking, problem solving)
⇒Explores things in different ways, like shaking, banging, throwing
⇒Finds hidden things easily
⇒Looks at the right picture or things when it’s names
⇒Copies gestures
⇒Starts to use things correctly; for example drinks from cup brushes hair
⇒Bangs two things together
⇒Puts things in a container, takes things out of a container
⇒Lets thing go without help
⇒Pokes with index (pointer) finger
⇒Follows simple directions like “pick up the toy”

Act Early and Talk to Your Child’s Doctor if Your Child:

⇒Doesn’t crawl

⇒Can’t stand when supported

⇒Doesn’t search for things that she sees you hide

⇒Doesn’t say single words like “mama” or “dada”

⇒Doesn’t learn gestures like waving or shaking head

⇒Loses skills he once had